Use Print For Your Holiday Marketing (Posted 10/6/16)

Fall is here, which means it’s time for pumpkin lattes, hay rides and holiday promotions. For many business professionals, this means email marketing -- but there are other ways to market that are even more engaging.

People and companies alike tend to increase the number of emails they send around the holidays. While everyone appreciates the sentiment, it’s unlikely your customers will open each and every email flooding their inbox. So how can you guarantee you’re engaging them? Don’t discontinue emailing, but make sure you’re also tapping into some of the other, non-digital channels.

Our Postcard Printing and Calendar Printing West Chester services can help convey your message in ways email alone just can’t do. Plus, using direct mail to send your postcard or calendar adds a personal touch that email lacks. These types of physical messages connect with people on a personal level, and they get you closer to your prospects. Because direct mail is geographically targeted, it’s a great way to engage customers and prospects within your region.

Whether you choose standard sizes or opt for a larger version, a lively postcard or calendar will make an impact. Take advantage of Postcard and Calendar Printing of West Chester along with direct mail and send well-designed material directly into the hands of your clientele. Call 610-692-5918 or email us at today to get started on your holiday marketing.